Mirabilandia: Mirabilandia: farewell to Sierra Tonante; the reasons of the choice

Interview with Claudio Bertozzi, managing director of Mirabilandia

Farewell to Sierra Tonante: the reasons of the choice

Interview with  Claudio Bertozzi, managing director of Mirabilandia

by Roberto Canovi

The demolition operation of the track of the wooden coaster Sierra Tonante, one of the leading attractions of Mirabilandia, has begun for few days.

"It was a difficult decision, pondered after many days of due consideration – says Claudio Bertozzi, managing director of the park – and we hoped till the end to find another solution for that attraction, that is in the heart not only of the guests but also of all of us".

"Our engineers checked and considered the attraction with great attention, trying to give solutions in order to conform Sierra Tonante to the new provisions. Unfortunately the rollercoaster needed extraordinary repairs with costs so high that we could nearly build a new big attraction. And what’s more these repairs, besides the huge cost, needed a lot of months to be done and consequently the impossibility to open the attraction during this season".

Bertozzi says "Unfortunately 0 possibilities to have the attraction working for the 2008 season. As matters stand, after consultations with Parques Reunidos we decided to demolish Sierra Tonante and to substitute it with the great novelty for the 2009 season. The best solution seemed to be a great steel rollercoaster that can reach the same target. No loop that could frighten a part of the guests, but at the same time some height and speed to satisfy the "adrenaline lovers". In these days we are checking with some firms the exact characteristics of that coaster, such as dimension and track, but the definition given 2 weeks ago to – megacoaster – means that it will be a great coaster, but we don’t know if it is more or less tall as Katun. Surely we want to realize an attraction with a great impact on the park skyline, and on the Italian and European history of amusement parks".

The works will begin in short time, just after the demolition of Sierra Tonante, as Giovanni Scafoglio, P. R. manager of Mirabilandia, says "We think to keep a small part of the track of the great wooden coaster. In a part of that area the new coaster will be built and it will continue for hundreds of metres inside a new area. The rest of the area occupied by Sierra Tonante  will be used to enlarge Bimbopoli (children area)".

After these statements the construction of the new coaster will begin just after the closing of the 2008 season. With Sierra Tonante an important piece of Mirabilandia’s history finishes, but the prospects for the future are bright with the opening of the great novelty RESET, scheduled between the end of May and the beginning of June 2008.

"Parques Reunidos" believes very much in Mirabilandia and in its potentiality. You will realize it also after 2009…" Scafoglio smiles, but we think he is not joking.

Source: staff – Translation by Monica Ternelli

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